GC member to cycle from Truro to Paris

Bike Ride Promo 003Green Christian member Euan McPhee is preparing to cycle form Truro to Paris for the COP21 talks on Climate Change.

He writes:

So far, three of us(!) are cycling to Paris. We expect many more to join us for various segments of the trip, as a show of solidarity. We start from Truro on Tuesday 17 November, arriving in Plymouth on Friday 19 November for Brittany Ferries crossing to St Malo, from where we cycle to Paris. We plan to arrive in Paris on Thursday 26 November to be greeted by the Green SW MEP, Molly Scot-Cato and other Euro Greens. At some point I will hand over the results of the Climate Vision Carbon Pledges to representatives at the UN Climate Summit. Then I cycle home!


Here is some information about the Climate Vision project


Luci Isaacson was the coordinator for the “Footsteps to Copenhagen” campaign in 2009, and managed to persuade   people in Cornwall to sign up so that over 4000 carbon-reducing pledges have been made by individuals and organisations.

She has been carrying out a study to track these people down and calculate how much CO2 had been saved by these pledges.  The results are remarkable, and show how much it is possible to achieve with a creative and engaging campaign.  She has calculated the cost per ton of CO2 saved and demonstrates how effective this approach is in comparison with alternatives such as carbon storage, etc.  But her project has been remarkable not just for the results, but for the manner in which she worked, using crowd-funding and engaging a wide range of people at every step of the way.  Please have a look at her website and at the report of her study.  This report will be wheeling its way to Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference in the saddle bags of Euan McPhee – see below.

For information about the project and regular blogs updating Luci’s activity:

Read the report:

In July she encouraged 10 high profile people in Cornwall to try out the 10 Carbon pledges in the five months run up to the Paris talks in December


The picture above shows Rev Steve Wild, President of Methodist Conference (2015-2016) buying local produce in Cornwall.  You can read his and other peoples responses to applying some of the pledges here




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Comments on "GC member to cycle from Truro to Paris"

Dave Barton:

November 6, 2015

Great initiatives, Euan and John. I've signed up with Time to cycle (timetocycle.org) to join the 5-day bike ride from London to Paris, 6-10 December, to be there for the summit weekend. I, with a colleague from a local community energy co-op, will cycle from Chichester/Bognor Regis to join the collective in Brighton, before crossing at Newhaven-Dieppe. We're catching the train back! If you or others are in Bristol tomorrow (7 Nov), we could compare notes.

John Fogarty:

October 7, 2015

I'll be cycling to Paris as well and I will be with a group organised by the Westminster Justice & Peace Commission. We've done part of our route (which takes us, on the Avenue Verte, from the London Eye to Notre Dame cathedral, in Paris) and we cycled the first part, in fact, from London to Newhaven, over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We're going to do the next bit, from Dieppe to Paris (we will go on the ferry, from Newhaven, on November the 24th), on the 25th, 26th and 27th of November. On Saturday the 28th, we will hand a petition to Christiana Figueres, of the United Nations, I think.

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