GC Notes from Greenbelt 2019

Hanging washing line for prayer flags

Here are pictures taken at the Green Christian Greenbelt Stall yesterday (24 August). If you are at Greenbelt, come and visit

Come to the Green Christian Stall at Greenbelt
Prayer flag activity. How are you feeling.. then pick a colour that describes that feeling a write word, prayer of picture on it and hang on line. The flags will go to the October Extinction Rebellion to decorate the Faith Bridge on October 7th See CCA info

Visit the Operation Noah and Climate Stewards and A Rocha Stalls too!

Below are some pictures from the Christian Climate Action Stall

2 comments on “GC Notes from Greenbelt 2019
  1. Edward says:

    Well done
    Encouraging to see
    and thanks for posting

  2. Jerry Barr says:

    So pleased to see all this activity. Sadly I no longer make it to Greenbelt but still have the “Generous” banner from the Cheltenham days together with a load of book markers.

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