GC Notes from Greenbelt 2018

Greenbelt is fun.

(Here are links to posts and pictures about GC at Greenbelt in previous years:
Greenbelt 2017   Greenbelt 2016   Greenbelt 2015   and earlier

Green Christian members, visitors to our stand in 2018 and visitors to this website -do send in reports, picture  and comments on Greenbelt.

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(Oldest first, newest last): On Friday evening Simon Court wrote:

“I was minding my own business volunteering at Greenbelt when I met a Bin Fairy……

Greenbelt Festival is taking action on Green issues so there are quite a few Bin Fairies at GB18 making sure all the take-away food packaging goes for composting.

Single use plastic water bottles are also banned at Greenbelt with fresh water available from taps around the site.

Climate Stewards on Friday evening wrote:

Thanks to & for inviting us to their welcome party . Come and see us !

On Saturday A lego visual aid was built at the Climate Stewards stand…

The stand is open in the evening (Sat)

Here are links to posts and pictures about GC at Greenbelt in previous years:

Greenbelt 2018

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Greenbelt 2016
Greenbelt 2015 
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by David Beattie  and Ruth Jarman – busking
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Greenbelt 2011: Three humorous sketches from Greenbelt 2011 by Westley Ingram

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