Get involved

Would you like to work with us to care for the world as a way of serving God? 

Do you wish others in your church would feel the importance of looking after Creation?

Here are ten simple ways to get involved with Green Christian’s work

For five even more valuable ones,
see lower down

1. Keep informed!

Sign up for Green Christian’s News Email (free to all) and get a fortnightly dose of news and inspiration.

2. Join us!

Join us! You’ll get a subscription to Green Christian magazine, access to our email discussion group (see point 3) and your membership donation will support the wider work of the organisation.

3. Link up!

If you join Green Christian you can take part in our email discussion group 

4. Show us off!

Display Green Christian leaflets at your church and ask the church leaders to use our prayer guide in services.

5. Have a stall!

Run a small stall for Green Christian at your next church event. Contact Ruth at for resources and advice.

6. Look for Locals

Find out if there is a Green Christian Local Group near you. Contact Isobel at .

7. Get Together!

If there is no local group, consider forming one. If you are a member, we can put you in contact with a few Green Christian members who live near you – invite them round for tea, or for a nature walk followed by a tea-shop or pub visit. Perhaps invite them to support Green Christian by putting £5 or £10 in a pot. We can send you the format for a short programme to help your discussions – contact Ruth at

8. Encourage your leader to lead

Please tell your local church leaders and “Churches Together” leaders about the Joy in Enough Confession. Ask them to use it in Creation time (1 Sept – 4 Oct).

9. Protect biodiversity

young orangutan

Run a fundraising event at your church for Green Christian’s “Rainforest Fund Project” and raise £100 to save endangered habitat.

10. Keep us all informed

Send us news and pictures of green events at your church, and especially tell us about upcoming events, however small. We can help you to publicise them via our E-News and website – please let Judith know at .

Do any of the above appeal? What other ways do you think people can get involved?

Please add to the comments box at the end. Contact Ruth our Information Officer  (0) 345 459 8460

Five more substantial ways of becoming involved

(Generally, before offering below, you will have tried some of the above first, and become a Green Christian member.)

1. Join our friendly volunteer team

Most of the work of Green Christian is carried out by volunteers who do tasks largely from home at a time to suit them. Perhaps you could be of service in one of the following: Social Media Team; Youtube Team; Green Christian Magazine Editorial Team; Website Technical Person (WordPress); Fundraising Team; Volunteer Coordinator. Contact Ruth at for more information.

2. Organise a local Green Christian event in your town

Green Christian On the Road Together”: This involves finding a few people to help you, finding a venue, organising the catering and publicity and preferably one local speaker. We can help with the programme and other speakers.

3. Join Green Christian’s Way of Life Community

The Green Christian Way of Life Community is offered to Green Christian members for whom care for God’s creation in all its forms is a fundamental outworking of their faith. The Way of Life is a calling for deeper engagement and shared encouragement.

4. Be a regional coordinator

Sometimes it is useful for Green Christian’s board of trustees, and Information Officer to have contact with members of Green Christian living in a specific area, especially if we do not have a local group in that area. If you are interested in this please contact Ruth at

5. Do Eco Church, Eco-Congregation or Live Simply

Encourage your church to become an Eco Church, Eco-Congregation or Live Simply Award community. These are independent of Green Christian, but many of our members encourage their churches to take part. First, find out if your church leadership and one or two congregation members are interested. If you are a Green Christian member you can use the CELink email group to ask questions and share ideas about this process.

Ingleton church, N Yorkshire, receives second Eco-Congregation award
(and they have since received a silver Eco Church Award)



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