Give to Change the World this Christmas (Dec 2010)

Give a Love Bug!
Love Bug
Christmas is about giving.  Giving to remember both the giving of gifts to the baby Jesus and the giving of Jesus himself to the world.  But do we stop to think about how much of our giving is actually taking away?  Taking away resources from the earth that cannot be replenished, and thus lessening the possibility of a beautiful and abundant future for the earth and our children.


or an Ugly Fish

Ugly Fish So how can we give without taking away?  For the last few years my husband and I have given virtual gifts to our family and friends.  There are many options out there.  One fairly newcomer to this area is where you can choose from a wide range of gifts representing Greenpeace’s campaigns.  Your friend will get an ecard with details of their gift, and your donation will go to support Greenpeace’s work in the UK and around the world.


or decorate a power station chimney!
Redecorate a Power Station Chimney
For £9 you can give a Love Bug and help protect forests, for £10 you can give an Ugly Fish to support Greenpeace’s Oceans campaign and for £80 you can donate to their climate work and “Redecorate a power station chimney”!




Wishing you all a serene and sustainable Christmas!

Ruth Jarman




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