Give up Plastic for Lent?

Judith Allinson writes:

I may have been a bit blasé about plastic in the past.. but I was startled – horrified – when last week, whilst walking on a path beside a wood in Yorkshire, I discovered a bullock stolidly chomping its way through a large piece of plastic sack.

With such a huge piece going down its throat – the plastic would get stuck in its rumen -and never get further. The animal’s ability to digest grass would be  much reduced.

I wonder just how much more of the plastic that blows around in the wind and lands in farmers fields gets eaten by cattle?

This video from India where animals roam the streets and rubbish tips includes an operation to remove plastic from a cow’s stomach.  53kg of plastic waste was removed from one cow.



Why not take up the Lent Plastics Challenge? consider giving up plastic for Lent? Download this useful A4 sheet Lent challenge from
Shrinking the Footprint/ the Cof E Environment programme have made a challenge poster  here 

This is an A4 portrait poster, With my printer, I can print it as a much larger poster. I turn the file into a jpg and then put the jpg into a Word Document. Then I can print a poster that is made of 4 A4 sheets, (or even if I wish out of 9 A4 sheets.) I will try it out with this sheet.


Do tell us (in the comments section below) any way you managed to reduce use of plastic, or to raise awareness of the situation during Lent.




Here is a poster that uses the 7Rs that Louise Cook describes  in the next  post.. her article .. The Seven Rs



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