Global Day of Action Military Spending

The clear message to cut military spending in favour of human needs was given outside Parliament on the morning of April 15 as members of Pax Christi, CAAT and the Movement for Abolition of War took part in street-theatre and protest to mark the Global Day of Action on Military Spending. CEL signed up to support Pax Christi’s call for theUK’s £39 billion military spending to be spent on other priorities such as action to tackle climate change.

That same morning the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released its Annual Report on military spending. Globally the world spent $1.75 trillion in 2012 – a decrease of 0.5%. Worryingly however, spending in North Africa and the Middle East has increased andBritainstill holds its place as the fourth largest military spender.

A game show in which contestants were offered choices between spending on university fees, projects to tackle climate change and investment in health care against military spending illustrated the huge disparity between social need and military spending.

Hundreds of similar actions took place around the world the same day, in addition to those inLondon,Coventry, Wrexham, Liverpool, Sheffield,GlasgowandEdinburgh. In the evening there was a meeting in Parliament in which these issues were further discussed with members of Parliament and campaigners.

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