Global Day of Action on Military Spending : 14 April 2014

How would you spend £100 billion ? Roll out community solar power ? Or replace the Trident nuclear missiles ?

Although the Chancellor of the Exchequer handed out an extra £140 million for flood defences this week in his Budget, Government Departments such as the Environment Agency face further cuts under the Austerity regime. Yet George Osborne left the Ministry of Defence budget alone.

Whilst he froze the Carbon Price Floor, which was designed to give a strong negative signal on greenhouse gas emissions, he made gestures of support to new development of the fossil fuel industry in the North Sea : “we will review the whole tax regime to make sure it is fit for the purpose of extracting every drop of oil we can.” This is being done to protect energy security of supply – something strongly urged by the Ministry of Defence.

He reiterated support for new nuclear power in the UK – something inextricably linked to weapons development.

He also announced a generous £7 billion of support for “energy intensive” manufacturers to offset the impacts of their rising energy bills – including those that produce iron and steel – part of the supply chain for weapons makers.

Pax Christi are encouraging us to consider the options and take action in support of this year’s Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS).

There is a strong environmental element to the resources and proposed actions for, and the Steering Committee of Christian Ecology Link have agreed that we officially support this event day.

Please consider how you could mark this day, either in your parish/community or at a national event.

From: Pat Gaffney, General Secretary, Pax Christi
Date: 13 March 2014

The Global Day of Action on Military Spending – 14 April 2014 – is
fast approaching. As CEL are a signatory of the Call to Action I am
writing now to invite you to do all you can to promote the day within
your networks.

There are great resources on the GDAMS UK website to encourage local
actions and the international site for solidarity and other ideas.

We are planning an action/event in London that will link up various
Government Departments – those that have money e.g. MoD and those
whose money is being cut e.g. Health, Environment etc…

Please do circulate the date and website… and use your social media
channels… face book/twitter etc to get the word out.

19 March is Budget Day.. keep an eye out for the results.. and link
these with the concerns of your own organisations and the GDAMS call
to action!

Cut Military Spending – Fund Human Needs !



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