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God’s Green Book, by Charlotte Sleigh and Bryony Webb, January 2010, SPCK, 112 pages, ISBN 978-0-281-06206-5, RRP £8.99.

While there have been several books published over recent years on Christian care for the environment – and an ongoing supply of Bible study guides, there have been few (if any) UK-published green study guides for use by house groups.

The authors, both church group leaders who are also involved in conservation, have provided seven Bible studies based on specific themes, with each following a consistent and easy to understand format – overview, Bible study, pointers for prayer, practical activity, creative reflection, facts & figures, further study and a particular challenging question.

The structure also offers a coherent progression between themes – God the creator, provider, the natural balance of creation, a meditation on the interconnectedness of the world – and on to the impact of our misuse of this gift, the redemption of the whole of creation – and finally to how we react to God’s transforming call.

Short (approx 100 pages) and not too ‘wordy’, the book can easily applied to house groups – which this reviewer can verify, having used it successfully in my own group.

Amongst lots of attractive features is the careful balance it strikes – between seriousness and playfulness (eg by use of quizzes) and between practical activities easily applied in our daily lives and creative reflection. In other words – it works on all levels.

And finally…the presentation is very pleasing to the eye – the use of a variety of fonts, ample line spacing and cleverly illustrated.

All in all, highly recommended for those church and house group leaders who are looking to seeking practical ways of engaging their members of all ages in caring for God’s creation.

George Dow



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