Grandparents for a Safe Earth.

A group of grandparents and elders in Bristol and South Gloucestershire have just launched their website at One of them, CEL member Phil Kingston, sends this report: ‘We began meeting about 18 months ago, sharing the common concern of what we humans are doing to the Earth. Our focus is particularly upon Climate Change because it is a world-wide issue, with enormous risks to the safety and well-being of future generations, the poorest peoples and many other life-forms. The more we have learned, the more we have become disturbed about what is happening and about the inadequate response of Government, business and media to the developing crises – even though the evidence from the UN, the World Bank and most recently, the joint report of The Royal Society and the US Academy of Sciences, is crystal-clear that climate change is primarily caused by the overuse of fossil-fuels and the escalating accumulation of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere and oceans

grandparentsSafeEarth489x285Like many others, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the enormity of the issues. This grandparents’ and elders’ group is a special place for sharing concerns and translating them into action. We hope that others will do the same in their own locality and become a part of the world-wide movement for action to halt the destruction which is occurring.

Grandparents for a Safe Earth is open to all faiths and none – just people who care about their descendents.

The current focus for dialogue and action by Grandparents for a Safe Earth is upon the investments by UK Banks in fossil-fuels. The website gives some of the evidence for this. E.g. one startling finding from the World Development Movement is that the total annual CO2 emissions from RBS Bank’s worldwide investments in fossil-fuels is about 1.6 times the annual emissions of the UK.’



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