Churches in Transition

This is the GC campaign to help people involved in churches in Transition Towns to help each other.
Display GC’s  leaflet Churches in Transition in your church to explain what Transition Towns and Churches in Transition are about.

Read more about Transition Towns (Martyn Goss article)

Transition Towns was the theme for the GC Day Conference in Ottery St Mary in November 2009 and for the Weekend Conference in Scarborough 12-14 February 2010

Transition Towns aim to involve the whole community  – of which the local churches are just one part. You may find GC resources useful in Transition Town Activities.

A good number of GC members are involved in Transition Towns where they live, including

Bishops Cleeve
Brixton (
Evesham Methodist Church is involved in Transition Evesham Vale and some members at Transition Pershore
Finsbury Park
Lancaster, (tt-lancaster.doc) and
Ottery St Mary
Tunbridge Wells
Wolverton (Wolverton is a a constituent town of Milton Keynes)

The website for Transition Towns is:

Since it began in 2006, the Transition Town movement has spread rapidly throughout the UK and beyond with (in autumn 2011) over 300 Transition Towns projects across the UK and over 800 initiatives in 34 courses throughout the world.

There are also lots of books, YouTube films and other resources available. We encourage everyone to begin by reading two Rob Hopkins books:

  • The Transition Town Handbook (Green Books 2008, ISBN 978-1-900322-18-8) – which proposed a model for a community-led response to peak oil and climate change.
  • The Transition Companion (Transition Books 2011, ISBN-13: 978-1900322973) – which combines practical advice – the tools needed to start and maintain a Transition initiative – with numerous inspiring stories from the ever-growing numbers of local groups which have become established worldwide.

Even better ask your local library for them.

To be put in touch with other GC members involved with Transition towns please contact Amy Willshire at .