Green Christian Book Reviews – notes for new book reviews editor


Green Christian Book Reviews – notes for new book reviews editor

Also available as a word file

Notes from book-reviews-editor Miriam Pepper (2008-2015) and current lead editor, Clare Redfern.

 Time commitment

Managing book reviews for GC is not a big time commitment, but it does need somebody who is organised and reliable and who checks and responds to emails in a timely manner.  The main tasks are:

  • Finding reviewers – there is a list of members who volunteer to do this.
  • Approaching publishers for review copies of books
  • Editing reviews

Sources of books

Books to be reviewed are selected because a publisher sends an appropriate book, a GC member suggests a book they have read or heard of, or the editor themselves hears or reads of one they think would be of interest to readers. Publisher email alerts/catalogue can also suggest an appropriate book – the new editor will be recommended to sign up to receive email alerts from publishers for which we have commonly commissioned reviews (SPCK, Wild Goose etc).

Generally, we review all books that we are requested to, with the exception of self-published books.  Where there are too many reviews for the print magazine – other reviews are published on the GC website.  Reviews published in the magazine are also published on the website.  Members of the editorial team can also give advice about deciding which books to review if needed.

Process for reviews

  1. Identify book
  2. Seek a reviewer (send out request to reviewer email list)
  3. Once a reviewer has been found, approach the publisher for a review copy and ask for it to be posted directly to the reviewer. Publishers are almost always willing to send review copies
  4. Send the reviewer the CG book reviews guidelines. Reviews are typically 300-500 words with 6-8 in each issue.
  5. Send a reminder to the reviewer several weeks in advance of when their review is due. (Reviews are due in early March and September each year, Green Christian is a bi-annual magazine)
  6. Edit the review once received, check with the reviewer if necessary
  7. Find book cover image via google.
  8. Send the review and cover image to the GC editor
  9. After feedback from editor, send the review to GC online editor.
  10. Once published, email the review to the publisher, unless the book has been procured by other means.

Arrangement with Methodist Recorder

The Methodist Recorder approached us in May 2014, asking for Green Christian to help them find people to review environmental books for their publication.  The Methodist recorder contact sends a request to find a reviewer for a particular book and these reviews are then published in both the Methodist Recorder and Green Christian.  Full details of this process will be given to the new book review editor.

There are template emails available for use to send out to publishers to request a book, and to the reviewers requesting reviews; also a “GC book reviews and style guidelines” document and a spreadsheet to track progress of each review and keep a record of books reviewed.



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