Green Christian is seeking to appoint new Trustees

The charitable organisation Green Christian is outward-facing and innovative. Our members are drawn from all Christian traditions, and we work alongside people of all faiths and none. As a charity we are not affiliated with any political organisation. We have many volunteers who help us in our mission and activities, including Trustees.

Green Christian Trustees take an active role in the leadership of Green Christian, and meet as a Board six times a year, either in person, or via Zoom. Physical meetings usually take place in London, but not always; it is possible to join physical meetings online.

Each Trustee is involved in various activities, such as planning for events, writing blogs or articles, speaking at events, creating leaflets or other publicity, enabling programmes such as the Green Christian Way of Life, Joy in Enough, Borrowed Time, and so on. There are several Groups within Green Christian which deal with member Participation, online and printed Media, Administration, and spiritual Formation. Trustees are involved in one or more of these, and there are meetings for each activity.

Green Christian is a grass-roots organisation, in which teamwork and collaboration are of paramount importance. Trustees share responsibility for all decisions. For more information about the work of Green Christian, please see our website

If the work and mission of Green Christian appeals to you, and you have skills or an interest in strategic thinking, campaigning, reaching out to people of all ages, faith and spirituality, or administration, Green Christian would like to hear from you. Applications close on Tuesday 4 May. For more information, or to apply, please contact Vice Chair Barbara Echlin:

Applications close on Tuesday 4 May.



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