Green Christian Magazine, Autumn 2019, Issue 88

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Green Christian, Autumn 2019, Issue 88

Climate Crisis: light in the darkness

Green Christian Issue 88 Cover Image
  • Editorial
  • Beyond Hope and Despair Paul Bodenham looks back, and forwards
  • LOAF – a sideshow of a sideshow? Steve Levett considers
  • Faith, hope and urgency Hannah Malcolm on truth, death and vegan sausage rolls
  • Tributes to Philip Clarkson Webb and Chris Walton
  • Jubilation in Creation Jonny Hanson introduces Jubilee Farm
  • Goose on the loose A short story by Christine Bainbridge
  • Militarism and climate change Nancy Thompson confronts the elephant in the living room
  • Common ground? Ruth Newton asks what we can learn from environmental activists
  • GC News :: Reviews :: Local Groups :: Poetry :: Prayers

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