Green Christian Magazine, Easter 2019, Issue 87

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Green Christian, Easter 2019, Issue 87

End Times for a stable climate?

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  • Editorial: End Times for a stable climate?
  • Extinction Rebellion Elaine Ewart reflects on a new movement
  • Naming the Powers Ruth Musgrave invites us to imagine differently
  • Putting the Green in Greenbelt Jeremy Williams investigates the annual arts and justice festival
  • George Dent (1929 – 2019) – a tribute
  • Green Inspiration Online Clare Redfern and Jeremy Williams recommend some useful websites
  • Bus Stop Theology Sandra Dutson considers how we travel
  • Signs of Hope Join us at the GC retreat at Launde Abbey!
  • The Price of Pilgrimage Alexander Kennedy looks at the environmental costs
  • To Fly or Not to Fly? Caroline Pomeroy of Climate Stewards believes offsetting can play a role
  • Hope Rediscovered Bishop David Atkinson guides us in spiritual wisdom
  • GC News :: Reviews :: Local Groups :: Poetry :: Prayers
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Author: Ed Beale | Date: 25 April, 2019 | Category: Green Christian | Comments: 2

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June 24, 2019

Hello Jane, please click the 'Get Connected' button on the top menu, that should guide you to the right place.

Jane Bartlett:

June 24, 2019

Hello I'd like to subscribe to Green Christian, but can't see how to do it on the website. Can you advise? Thanks

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