Green Christian Magazine, Winter 2014, Issue 78

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Green Christian, Winter 2014, Issue 78

A Green Christian Way of Life


  • Editorial: Connections & A New Name for CEL
  • Enough is Enough Paul Ballard means Enough in the sense of Stop!
  • Finding the Still Point Mollie Robinson helps us gather fuel to discover the presence of God
  • Bashing up our grandchildren? Angus Hanton introduces the fourth ecocell conference
  • Report: Scientists for Global ResponsibilitySophie Hebden reports on technologies and simple lifestyles
  • ‘When will we ever learn?’ Chris Walton bewails an emasculated theology
  • Poetry Please
  • Earthed: Loads of food from small spaces Deborah Tomkins invites us to become Earthed together
  • A Community of Faith, resistance and hope George Dow describes a Green Christian Way of Life
  • Local Groups Isobel Murdoch hopes you will be inspired to act
  • CEL News :: Letters :: Books and Resources
  • Prayerscript
  • Hands On   e-journal

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Author: | Date: 8 May, 2015 | Category: Green Christian | Comments: 2

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June 2, 2015

Rachel We would be happy for you to link the pdf for Green Christian 78 to your Green Anglican facebook page: Poppy, Web Designer

rachel mash:

May 12, 2015

Dear Green Christian I want to post this newsletter on our facebook page, but several of the articles dont seem to be hyperlinked?? is there a web version that I can post? thanks

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