Green Christian seeks chaplain


Green Christian is seeking a Chaplain after the retirement of Chris Walton. The post is honorary but reasonable expenses may be claimed. 

The person appointed will preferably be theologically trained and have a heart for the care of Creation. He or she will be environmentally aware and educated (yet not expected to know everything!) and have a clear and deep understanding of God’s passion for Creation, together with an understanding of humankind’s place in Creation both as created beings and as God’s co-workers. He or she will also have a clear understanding of Green Christian and its work, and will be required to join Green Christian if not already a member.

The chaplain will be expected to:

  • attend Trustees’ meetings and Green Christian events;
  • support and encourage those involved in the running of Green Christian;
  • provide spiritual guidance, including the planning of Green Christian retreats;
  • encourage and enable members of the board and organisation to develop gifts and skills.

The Chaplain will be an ex-officio member of Green Christian’s Formation Group and a member of the Board, but not a Trustee. They may develop the role depending on their skills, availability and the needs of the time. Chris Walton is willing to provide help and advice to the successful candidate if appropriate.

Application deadline is 30 September 2019.

For more information and expressions of interest, please contact Barbara Echlin:



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