Green Christian Workshop Videos

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See below for the videos for all previous Green Christian Workshops. For workshops coming up please click here.

Workshop 1: Influencing Local Authorities for the Environment

Workshop 2: A discussion on Non-Violent Direct Action

Workshop 3: Followup discussion to Workshop 2

Workshop 4: Care of The Heart Space with Sister Zoë Leadbetter

Workshop 5: Sitting among the Ashes with Andii Bowsher

Workshop 6: Green Discipleship: Knowing your carbon footprint and doing something about it with Adrian Frost

Workshop 7: Developing communication approaches for Green issues with Staffan Engstrom.

Workshop 8: Recycling for Planet, Community, and Christian Witness with Marion Kenyon

Workshop 9: Liturgies for Lament with Andii Bowsher. First section, and post-breakout groups.

Workshop 10: Electric Cars: benefits, issues, options and costs

Workshop 11: End of year reflection: Beyond 2020

Workshop 12: How can my church become net zero carbon?

Workshop 13: Introduction to the Green Christian Way of Life

Workshop 14: An experience of Forest Church with Neil Clark

Workshop 15: Establishing an organic allotment, for environment, health, and community with Marisa Mann

Workshop 16: Green and ethical investment with Bokani Tshidzu

Workshop 17: Extinction Rebellion on the key role of the Citizens Assembly in UK democracy with Kathie Conn

Workshop 18: What you can do about COP26 with Rachel Mander

Allotment Workshops

Green Christian Allotment Group Workshop 1


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