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NEW! Green Christian Workshops

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This new series of workshops is a response to the Radical Presence course, where we have got together to listen for God’s word in this time of pandemic. The participants spoke of a strong desire to see vision and leadership to address the climate crisis. These workshops aim to ‘bridge’ ideas and thinking into grass-roots action on the ground.

Next workshop:

Wednesday 2 December: Liturgies for Lament with Andii Bowsher

This interactive workshop will focus on the development of liturgies and rituals for climate mourning, building on the feedback received at the workshop that Andii Bowsher (lead chaplain at Northumbria University) held in October regarding eco anxiety and climate grief. (NB: You don’t have to have attended the first session to be able to participate in this session).

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Previous workshops

Workshop 1: Influencing Local Authorities for the Environment

Workshop 2: A discussion on Non-Violent Direct Action

Workshop 3: Followup discussion to Workshop 2

Workshop 4: Care of The Heart Space with Sister Zoë Leadbetter

Workshop 5: Sitting among the Ashes with Andii Bowsher

Workshop 6: Green Discipleship: Knowing your carbon footprint and doing something about it with Adrian Frost

Workshop 7: Developing communication approaches for Green issues with Staffan Engstrom.

Workshop 8: Recycling for Planet, Community, and Christian Witness with Marion Kenyon

Future workshops

Wednesday 16 December: Electric Cars: benefits, issues, options and costs

This workshop looks at sharing the experiences of GC members regarding electric car ownership – or not – including: the issues, highs and lows, options and costs. If you have experience with electric cars and feel you have something interesting to share, get in touch beforehand at or alternatively just join the discussion on the day.

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Wednesday 13 January 2021: How can my church become net zero carbon? With Adrian Frost

This session looks at the tools and methods for measuring and helping churches to become net zero carbon. It follows on from Adrian’s popular session in October which looked at personal carbon footprints.
Adrian Frost works for Climate Stewards, one of the UK’s leading Christian climate charities. He has developed carbon footprint calculators for individuals and churches. Before Climate Stewards, Adrian worked as a pastor in Belgium.

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Wednesday 27 January 2021: Introduction to the Green Christian Way of Life with Deborah Tomkins

Deborah Tomkins

The Green Christian Way of Life offers a framework for living more lightly on the Earth and for deeper engagement and shared encouragement. It comprises a set of four Disciplines: Prayer and Devotions; Living Gently on the Earth; Public Witness; and Encouragement.

The Green Christian Way of Life is offered to Green Christian members for whom care for God’s creation is a fundamental outworking of their faith. Followers of the Way are part of a dispersed Community and are called ‘Companions’.

Deborah Tomkins is Co-Chair of Green Christian, and has been a member for over 25 years. She lives in Bristol with her husband. She enjoys growing organic vegetables in her city garden, music, and books. 

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Wednesday 10 February: An experience of Forest Church with Neil Clark

Forest Church is a powerful way for people to connect their faith and spirituality with nature, something that has been long missing in many people’s lives. It is about “connecting with who you are, deep down, with nature and with God”.

Neil Clark has been involved in Forest Church movements for 8 years and works in environmental sustainability.

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Wednesday 24 February: Establishing an organic allotment, for environment, health, and community with Marisa Mann

This workshop focuses on the practical aspects of developing your own organic allotment, and the associated benefits in terms of health, environment, fitness, and community engagement.

Marisa Mann is an artist focused on humanitarian issues and the environment. She was born in the foothills of the Himalayas and raised in environments heavily affected by international conflicts.

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Wednesday 10 March: Green and ethical investment with Bokani Tshidsu

Details to follow