Green Lent – Local Activities

Many people do special things for Lent. See what some GC members have written:

1. LC: Given up drinking anything except tap water. 

My husband and I have given up drinking anything except tap water.  This is for two environmental reasons, as well as a general challenge.
1)  Saving the energy needed to boil a kettle
2) I once saw figures saying how much water goes into producing other drinks, growing tea, producing beer, and especially milk (although we are still having milk on breakfast cereal, and of course cheese etc).
I guess we’re also saving on packaging and shipping of the juice, wine, packets of tea etc.

2. SW: – Litter picking locally

I don’t live anywhere near a beach, but have spotted a good `Lent project` near my local station on some spare ground. It is littered with bottles and throw away cans etc. I thought I would go and clear it up and make a notice to put up near it encouraging folk to keep it nice! How encouraging to know we are all `out there` doing our bit as opportunity invites! SW

3. John Barnett: – Litter – and Encouraging others

Having spent this morning with a group cleaning up a local park, I found the “Fruitfulness on the Frontline” videos really encouraging. More and more I am coming to see that anything that enriches the lives of others and makes the world a better place is Kingdom work.

As a preacher, I know how easy it is to make congregations feel guilty, spiritually beating them over the head with all the things they really ought to be doing for Christ. Increasingly now I find myself affirming all the things they are already doing, and helping them to see that they may well be doing a lot more than they thought.  JB

Video from LICC


5. JA: – No new food (- reduce waste- and reflect on outcomes)

Resolution: Buy no new food ingredients for home during Lent

See how I got on – and some interesting things I discovered 

I waste food. – I succumb to “Sell by date food” offers. – I have jars of three year old chutney in the house.
Lent 2017: ” I Resolve to buy no more food for the house – – at least not until I have eaten everything.”


1. To clear out new, and ancient food in my house.
2. To remove the temptation of buying more food than I need, or indeed, can eat. .. the temptation of “Sell by date” bargains that have thwarted my attempts at Slimming World since January.
3. To see what I learn… And I have learnt a lot – See  here

6. SW – Made a leaflet to give out at church: Ideas-for-Living-Out-our-Lenten-Journey



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March 23, 2017

My daughter and I are eating (and drinking) only UK produced/grown's not easy, but we are learning a lot.

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