Greetings from Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning, Settle

Wildlife on our planet is decreasing in our generation – in Your and my time.  Over 50 percent of wild animals on our planet have gone in the last 40 years, and wild habitat continues rapidly to be lost to agriculture, grazing etc.

We cannot sit back and do nothing.

Judith Allinson marks the  tenth anniversary of the Rainforest Fund, Settle by writing:


Here is a picture from us at The Settle Methodist Church Coffee Morning on 5 December – raising money for The Rainforest Fund, and  wishing you a Happy Christmas.


The idea of the Rainforest Fund started 10 years ago in January 2008 at St John’s Church, Settle


To save land of biodiversity importance for future generations, and to concentrate on doing it as a church or in some cases as a “Churches Together” project

We have had fundraising events at st John’s for saving habitats of wildlife value since then, and coffee mornings most years..

(In 2011 Green Christian developed the 100 Churches project as a Green Christian Project, with the aim of finding 100 churches to take part)

We raised £200 from the above event at Settle – (£127 from the coffee, plus money from the sale of cards). This time we sent £100 was sent to World Land Trust (to save an acre of Rainforest) , and we sent £100 to Chase Africa (which concentrates on health, family planning and tree planting) .  Earlier in December I sent £200  to A Rocha International, for environmental education. (My own interest in wildlife has stemmed from field trips)  Just over £100 will be available at the end of December to send to Cool Earth, again to save the equivalent of an acre of rainforest for 10 years

This web post marks tenth anniversary of the Rainforest fund Project, Settle. At Settle we have raised over £7000 during these ten years, through events at Settle Methodist Church, Settle Churches Together, Settle Spinning Club and selling cards at Settle Events.

 Could you raise £100 to save an  acre of habitat under threat? ..

I would be pleased to hear what other people are doing.

If your church can raise £100 and give it to world Land Trust, Cool Earth or similar charity, and then let me know I can add it to the Green Christian Website.

Thank you.







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