Have a Virtual Cuppa with your MP!

The UK is at a turning point. As we build back from the current health crisis, we have the opportunity to rebuild a resilient economy that benefits everyone in society and tackle climate change and nature’s decline, creating jobs and protecting the most vulnerable in the UK and around the world. Or we can let the moment for change pass us by, go back to old ways and wait for new crises to hit. 

Using our voices to call for action is more important than ever. Have a virtual cup of tea with your MP and tell them that #TheTimeIsNow to put a healthy, greener, fairer future at the heart of plans to rebuild from the Coronavirus crisis. 

Green Christian is a member of the group organising this, The Climate Coalition, a group of over 100 organisations dedicated to action on climate.

When: Tuesday 30 June

Where: Online – all the details you need to get involved are here.

What to do now:

Question: What is the difference between this and BuildBackBetter?

Answer: BuildBackBetter is wider than simply environmental, so appealing to a wider range of people. Green Christian are proud to support both campaigns, and they are working closely together on this lobby.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 20 June, 2020 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 1

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Charles Croydon:

June 27, 2020

Training for the Climate Coalition Virtual Mass Lobby 2020' which can be seen at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0faGhKUz_sM&feature=youtu.be&utm_source=The+Time+Is+Now+Virtual+Lobby+30+June&utm_campaign=6398cbb4f6-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_06_25_05_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_5507af05e9-6398cbb4f6-44125578 is worth seeing in order to help build build a long lasting relationship with your MP

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