How are we different from other Christian environmental organisations?

A question that is often asked is, “How is Green Christian different from other Christian environmental organisations?”

We have been around for longer than most – since 1982! We see ourselves as more of a community than an organisation, formed of ordinary Christians from all backgrounds and traditions. Inspired by our faith, we work to care for Creation through prayer, living simply, public witness, campaigning and mutual encouragement. We walk alongside those of faith and no faith. 

We try to be real, honest, truthful, on the radical edge of the environmental movement, speaking prophetically, pushing and praying for the protection of the natural world. For example:

  • We politely critique organisations that we believe are not being sufficiently ambitious about the state of Creation eg. ‘The Time is now, not 2045‘ where we challenged the Climate Coalition, of which we are a very supportive member, regarding carbon targets
  • We think it is the job of the Church to be prophetic. We criticised the Church of England’s 2019 carbon targets, with a press release: ‘The Church of England must inspire change, not mimic societal norms.’ The Synod has since (Feb 2020) set a more radical and necessary target of 2030 for net zero (not that we take the credit!)
  • We have set up Borrowed Time – a new programme that aims to build networks for regenerative pastoral care and moral adaptation in the shadow of extinction

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Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 13 July, 2020 | Category: Climate Emergency Opinion | Comments: 0

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