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Membership Information

Membership Information
Green Christian (GC) is now in contact with many people, and the table below describes the different categories. At the end we note ways to keep in touch with GC without becoming a member.
If you live abroad, you can join at UK rates IF you agree to accept the Magazine in pdf format rather than as hard copy. Email the to ask about this.

The following are payable annually:

Membership Category (Standard Rate/reduced rate for Standing Order)

  1. Individual Membership: UK – Standard (£30/£25)
    Individual Membership: UK- Low Income (£12/£10)
    Individual Membership: Europe – Standard (£34/£29)
    Individual Membership: Europe – Low Income (£16/£24)
    Individual Membership: Outside Europe – Standard (£38/£33)
    Individual Membership: Outside Europe – Low Income (£20/£18)
  2. Family (or joint) Membership (£40/£35)
  3. Corporate Membership (£40/£35)
  4. Local Church Membership, recommended donation (£40)
  5. GC Local Group Membership, recommended donation depending on group size (£10 – £30)
  6. Magazine Subscriber: UK (£20)
    Magazine Subscriber: Europe (£24)
    Magazine Subscriber: Outside Europe (£28)

Life membership is £350 for an individual, £450 for joint members.
Note members from abroad should use the currency converter to convert the amount payable from pounds sterling to Euros or Dollars.

Categories 1-5 and life members receive
Green Christian magazine and the Storm of Hope annual GC pamphlet.
The email monthly news and the email prayer diary (if requested).
The opportunity to take part in CELINK, GC members’ email discussion group, if you are a member of GC please email to arrange this.
Members are entitled to apply for a GC “small projects grant” of £100 or £200 after they have been a paid up member for at least 9 months.
They also receive an Annual Report.
Note: active members who can make use of additional copies of Green Christian to sell at local bookshops or to put on local stalls at events should enquire to

Category 6. Magazine Subscriber
This entitles you to 2 issues of Green Christian each year plus the Storm of Hope Annual Pamphlet
If you join as a Magazine subscriber and then decide to become a member, it is very easy to arrange this.

Keeping in Touch with GC without full membership
Monthly news email contact:
Anyone who would like to receive GC’s “Members and Friends monthly email” should complete the form on the contact us page or email If you know of other people who might like to receive it free, do invite them.
Prayer Diary
You can arrange to be sent GC’s highly recommended monthly prayer diary, whether you are a member or not. It has a different meditation, prayer or news item for prayer for each day of the month. This costs £20-00 a year by post for 12 paper issues. It can also be sent to you by email by completing the form on the contact us page or email Downloaded direct from the prayer guide page.

More notes on Gift Aid
1. Please notify GC if you change your name or address while the declaration is still in force. You can cancel the declaration at any time by notifying the charity – it will then not apply to payments you make after that date of cancellation or such later date as you specify.
2. If you pay tax at the higher rate, you can claim further relief in your self-assessment tax return.
3. You can obtain an Inland Revenue leaflet on Gift Aid from your local tax office (IR 113 Gift Aid)