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Working Groups

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Working groups for Joy in Enough campaign
Five Working Groups (WGs) are discussing the different requirements for the transition to an economy that promotes well-being sustainably.


More information on the five working group themes can be found here:

Summary of our Proposed Strategies and Diagram of Economic Strategy Summary.

Initial summaries of the five working group themes

Members of the five WGs were at the ‘Joy in Enough: Awakening to a new economics’ day conference in Birmingham on Saturday 29th March 2014.
In preparation for last year’s conference on March 29th 2014,  working groups were recommending pre-reading as follows:WG1

1. Differentials in Wealth and therefore in responsibility for the changes we seek.
This explores world differences in material wealth, their association with power differences, and consideration of non-violent direct action as relevant to countering misuses of power.

2. NGOs which can be sources of support for the Joy in Enough project.
Because there are virtually no governmental and inter-governmental supports for a different kind of economy, we are likely to find that NGOs and other aspects of civil society are our main source of support.

3. The Big Transnational Questions – Political Considerations.
A beginning analysis of political aspects in seeking a Steady State Economy.

4. World Council of Churches (WCC): Project on Poverty, Wealth and Ecology.
Recent explorations by the World Council of Churches and other international Church organisations into the subjects of Poverty, Wealth and Ecology.

5. The New Economics Foundation and the Power of Global Finance.
These notes reflect the approach of the New Economics Foundation and some valuable ideas from a proponent of the Occupy Movement.

6. Planetary Boundaries Concepts.
This detailed analysis of a valuable concept is based upon Mark Lynas’ writings.



Background Paper



conference pre-reading

download:   A5 Conference Flyer