Just Food – an ecocell workshop, 18th January, 2014, London

Tony Emerson, Edward Echlin, Tim Lang & Paul Bodenham

This was an excellent event with over fifty people attending. CEL’s Chairman Paul Bodenham welcomed us to the event, referring to our last ecocell day conference on Transport and how it has influenced our forthcoming publication of Storm of Hope for 2014.

CEL’s Chaplain Chris Walton, led our opening worship, using the opening verse of ‘Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah’, in particular emphasising the phrase ‘Bread of Heaven’.

Paul then welcomed our first speaker Edward Echlin, who through his first book, Earth Spirituality, had provided some of the earliest nourishment of CEL members.

Ed spoke very movingly of the Bible as an agrarian classic.
Tony Emerson introduced our main speaker of the day Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy from City University.

Tim had been asked to address issues of Food Security and Food Sovereignty which indeed he did in a fascinating and wide ranging address, presented in note form from our Information Officer Jo Abbess, together with a summary of the question and answer session.

Then everyone enjoyed a shared lunch where everyone pooled what they had brought, included here are a couple of recipes – further contributions welcome, just send them in.

In the afternoon there was a session for members who have been following the ecocell programme, together with the workshops:

Finally the day was summed up with a brief update on the ecocell programme.

Links to individual session reports can be found below.

Just Food
Opening Prayer
Edward Echlin’s address

Professor Tim Lang
Professor Tim Lang’s Q and A

Future of the ecocell Project

Local Food – Session 1
Local Food – Session 2

Organic Food – Session 1
Organic Food – Session 2

Animal-Friendly and Fairly Traded Food – Session 1
Animal Friendly and Fairtrade Workshop – Session 2




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