Just Food – Animal Friendly and Fairtrade Workshop

The second group of the afternoon, divided the discussion into two parts

  • treat as brothers and sisters rather than as ‘things’, they are not a commodity
  • go vegetarian/vegan or eat less meat
  • legislation has improved conditions for pigs, more needed for other livestock
  • churches should teach about the above it is part of Christian discipleship. Have a better understanding of creation theology and stewardship .
  • as Christians we have a responsibility to source our food ethically and expect to pay a realistic price for it, ie conscious consumers.
  • the pressure to industrialise food production is growing not shrinking
  • be like the monks and farm carp in our ponds
  • use local butchers, using local abbatoirs, ban live exports
  • badger cull as a result of TB, is it necessary, innoculate herds, are herds too big


  • Traidcraft is a Christian organisation founded in 1979  whose aim is to enable people to trade themselves out of poverty. Works with poorer countries.
  • Fairtrade Foundation certifies products as meeting fairtrade standards and promotes the fairtrade causes. Founded in the early nineties
  • Banking – choose an ethical bank like Triodos to know your money is being used wisely
  • fairtrade goes beyond food products with a logo, it should extend to all farming practices in the UK, what about vegetable pickers in East Anglia

Issues surrounding fairtrade

  • Subsidies to EU & US farmers, can make it extremely difficult for others to bring their crops to market, eg US cotton subsidies, Zambia loses its cotton trade
  • supermarket chains force down prices and working conditions
  • use genuine farmers markets or local producers instead
  • Need – Good Governance – Conscious Consuming
  • Get rid of the obsession with production
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