Just Food – Opening Prayer

The following is a transcription from brief notes on the commencement of the “Just Food” workshop on 18th January 2014.

[ Tony Emerson, Paul Bodenham introduce the day ]

As an expression of our Christianity, we are going to start with prayer.

[ Chris Walton, Chaplain ]

I was in Wales […] :-

[ singing loudly ] “[…] Bread of Heaven […] Feed us now and evermore”

Perhaps this is more than a metaphor. The “Bread” is the Bread of Life. Food is part of our pilgrimage, discipleship. One might get inspiration – but if you’re not eating right […]

Threefold prayer – thanksgiving for bread, for life; penitence that we follow the herd and eat unholy food; and third, offering self to God.

[ Thank you for the bread […] ]

Forgive us for our allegiance to the Market – a denial of the miracle of the broken bread.

We want to take our place in the great sacrificial procession of life; pour ourselves out into the heart of Christ, leaving behind the unholy bread.



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