Keeping up to date with posts

If you look down underneath the comments section, you will see three check boxes;

  • By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.  (you will need to check this to use the other two)
  •  Notify me of follow-up comments by email. (this will keep you up to date with new comments on this post)
  •  Notify me of new posts by email. (to be informed of any new posts)

Please add a comment to this post if there are any problems.

Author: Paul Strickland | Date: 26 June, 2020 | Category: Website | Comments: 4

Comments on "Keeping up to date with posts"


November 1, 2021

I really enjoyed this content, it is amazing information for the readers. I hope to see more in future.

Paul Strickland:

June 27, 2020

That's not lazy at all, it's what technology is for!

Rosemary Croft:

June 27, 2020

Yes please. I know its a lazy way of being updated, but its not intentionally that I miss out on good posts - its rather that i get distracted and forget to look! So a big Thank you!

Paul Strickland:

June 26, 2020

I'm tracking comments to this post.

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