Leaflet and question for Hustings during UK election – climate change

Grandparents for a Safe Earth are attending as many hustings in Bristol and South Gloucestershire as they can in order to offer leaflets to people as they go in. Wherever possible we also ask a question about the marked absence of Climate Change from the political discourse in this election.

The leaflet is:
Grandparents for a Safe Earth
The current extremes of weather world-wide are caused by an increase in temperature above pre-industrial levels of 0.8 of a degree Centigrade. Who says so? The Royal Society and the US Academy of Sciences, 2014. They add that if the current trajectory of CO2 Emissions continues, the average world temperature increase will be at least 4 times this.
This poses enormous dangers for our descendants. We are disturbed that the actions of Governments up to now have been totally inadequate to the seriousness and urgency of the task.
Why are the leaders of almost all political parties keeping this off the election agenda? Our descendants are far too important to allow this.

The question is:
We ask each of you why you think climate change is being given very low priority in this election? ( And please don’t respond in terms of what your party has done or is planning to do because that isn’t our question. What we want to know is why this subject is not being given anything like the priority which our descendants deserve).

(A useful preamble to asking this question is to say: ‘The most respected scientific institutions in Britain and the United States have confirmed that Climate Change is already happening and is primarily caused by fossil fuel emissions. They have outlined the enormous dangers for our children unless much more effective action is taken. What we notice in this election is that the leaders of almost all political parties are not giving this anything like the priority which our descendants deserve. We are deeply disturbed by that.’

(If you are a grandparent or elder and would like to use this information as it is, please do so. If you are not in that category, please amend the information in an appropriate way.)

Phil Kingston, Grandparents for a Safe Earth

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