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Lent 2024

Lent is a season of penance, prayer and repentance, where repentance can mean not only regret and remorse, but also a “change of mind”, a turning around to the right path. Humanity certainly needs Lent. Let us model it where we can. Here’s just a few ideas from our members.

Lent Vigil for climate justice

Green Christian is working with Tearfund, Christian Aid, The Salvation Army, CAFOD and others to run a 24/7 ten day vigil outside parliament starting on Ash Wednesday.

Join us and bring your church! Find out more.

Prayer, reflections and books


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New Lent Course: Calling a Wounded Earth Home

Green Christian’s new 5-week Lent Course, Calling a Wounded Earth Home, is now available for churches to use in 2024. Inspired by Green Christian’s Deep Waters Course, it asks “What kind of people might we need to be to face the challenges of climate change?”

Here is a space to go deeper together, and a space of contemplation that can resource meaningful action.


Our own Plenty! course can be used for Lent – it is all very applicable within the thinking of the season of Lent and beyond. 

Tenants of the King

Tenants of the King is a Bible-based resource from Operation Noah. This four-part study series is designed to help you and your church consider what the Bible has to say about today’s climate crisis. Particularly written for more evangelica Bible-based congregations, this study guide was updated last summer and is available as pdf or printed booklets.

Living Lent

Living Lent was JPIT’s (Baptists, Methodists and URC) Lent campaign from 2019-2020. Living Lent is about responding to the call to climate action by making significant personal commitments to changing our lifestyles for the climate.

Creation Care: Christian Responsibility

Christine Nellist, who helps to run Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals, says: Please also look at the course on our website, which is themed and full of early and contemporary Christian quotes, which I am sure will be of use to you and to the parishes you will speak at. Happy for it to be modified for your audience

Catherine Fish recommends

A Rocha’s Go Greener for Lent

and also found this resource from the US:

Creation Care Lenten Study


Writing in The Methodist Recorder, Green Christian member, John Anderson, says:

Traditionally we try to do fewer bad things in Lent. I think we should try to do more good things. We should not shrivel and retreat.  We should gird our loins and advance …We face national and global challenges; our cosmic Christ inspires us to act world-wide in his name.  By modern communications networks we can do this more effectively than any previous generation … Giving to charities is good; acting to bring about major world change is better

Go to our Climate and Creation – what can I do? web area.