Changing the direction of the wind

‘Politicians wet their fingers and see which way the wind is blowing at the time. You don’t change a nation by changing wet fingers. Nations are changed by changing the direction of the wind.’                                                          Jim Wallis, American Spiritual Activist

Some reasons I campaign on climate change.  What are yours?

Some reasons I campaign on climate change. What are yours?

Funny weather we are having, aren’t we? Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines last year, the record-breaking heat of the Australian Open and the recent floods in the South West are all examples of increasingly intense weather events that are predicted by climate scientists to only get worse in the coming decades.  What if they are right?  What if they are also right when they say that humanity still has a window of opportunity to act, but that this window is closing rapidly?

There are many things we can do but I’d like to let you know about a new campaign that aims to ‘change the direction of the wind’ on climate change in this country so that politicians take climate change seriously and act accordingly.  The campaign, called Hope for the Future, asks us all to write to our MPs of all colours asking them to show how they intend to lead the world in moving to a low carbon future in their party’s 2015 manifesto.  It suggests we write real letters, rather than emails, and include a photo of a child who we love and for whom we are writing.  More information and a suggested letter can be found at  Although a Christian-inspired campaign, the campaign is for anyone who cares for the future.

Is it worth campaigning on something so huge and intractable?  Look into the eyes of a child you love and ask yourself that question.



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