LOAF Sermon Outline: Luke 12:22-34. Foolishness, Focus, Future

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Sermon Outline: Luke 12:22-34; Foolishness, Focus, Future
by Rev Keith Innes

The Biblical Context:
The passage is preceded by the Parable of the Rich Fool (16-20).
That parable is prompted by an appeal to Jesus from a member of the public about an inheritance (13-14).
The parable is ‘book-ended’ by warnings against greed and materialism (15, 21) – so it is a kind of ‘inclusio’.

1) The Foolishness of Worry
— about food, clothes and drink (22, 29),
or even about the coming of God’s Kingdom (32).
Worrying is absurd (v. 23), pointless (v. 25) and pagan (v. 30)
[G.B. Caird].

2) Focus on the Natural World
On what kind of things do our minds habitually focus?
Jesus invites us to give careful attention to the natural world
— the wild birds (24) and wild flowers (27).
Doing so will teach us that we are part of a world loved, sustained and provided for by God (24, 28, 30b).

3) The Future Belongs to God’s Kingdom
Such a focus should send us out to struggle for the values of God’s Kingdom, trusting God for our necessities and for our salvation (31, 32).
It will result in generous living (33),
based on true security (32b, 33b).
What we most treasure (34) will determine our lifestyle and character.

Our Context
Determining our ‘necessities’ is not simple,
and will depend on our work and circumstances.
Discussion with a group, mentor or friend may help us to clarify what we should give away and what we should keep.
Some may have nothing to give, and need to receive.
However, considering God’s creation should lead us all to live
with gratitude for God’s provision,
consideration for those who bring us our daily bread,
and respect for our fellow-creatures in the natural world God has created.



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