Local Holidays – Get to know your local area.

“When it comes to recreation, why the need to go to exotic locations, ladle on the sun cream and then fry at the poolside when there are so many fascinating and beautiful places to see on our own doorsteps? Does travel really broaden the mind if it is a matter of briefly stopping at touristy locations to take “selfies”? If you want to encounter other cultures, why not take time to get to know some of the diverse people living in your own neighbourhood rather than spending a week or two in places where most of your contact with the locals will be with hotel staff, stallholders and waiters?
Perhaps in our churches we need to do more to encourage people to consider alternative lifestyle choices and ways of looking at the world, and to think outside the box into which our contemporary consumerist society is constantly trying to push us.”
Someone wrote this on Green Christian’s very useful “GC Members Discussion Group – CELINK (A good reason for becoming a member of GC)
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Meanwhile as web editor I’ll add a point or two.
1. I’ve had some brilliant “holidays” by hosting a foreign student for a weekend through the organisation Hosts – I have taken the student to visit interesting local sociological features or climb local hills, and look on my surroundings with the eye of someone from a different country.
2. I think I might  find a big picture of some nearby local beauty spot, add the above text and display it in our church hall.
3. Here is an article about a sense of place – written on Convivum-Brecon website referring to Benedictine Monks amongst others



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