Local multi-faith walk of witness calls for funding for loss and damage

Walkers gather inside their local mosque

Local climate justice activists from Global Justice Now led a Walk of Witness around Bexhill town centre on Thursday 22 September, stopping outside town centre churches, the Buddhist Centre and the Mosque and finishing at the Town Hall. They were calling on the UK government to help set up an international climate compensation fund and to raise money for it by taxing fossil fuel companies.

Outside the local Catholic church

Green Christian Vice Chair, Barbara Echlin, from the Bexhill and Hastings Global Justice Now group said, “To those who question why we should pay into such a fund we respond: If someone damaged our car we would expect them to pay for it. Countries like Pakistan face huge financial strain because of climate change which we have caused with our historic carbon emissions. We are on this Walk of Witness today because we want our grandchildren to inherit a planet they can live on.”

The national day of action was organised by the Make Polluters Pay coalition, involving organisations such as Global Justice Now, Christian Aid, Faith for the Climate, Cafod, Green Christian, Stamp Out Poverty, Oxfam and the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition. The protest was part of a national day of action that also saw actions take place in Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Lancaster, Nottingham, Portsmouth and Rotherham.

The campaigners stopped at Bexhill Friends’ Meeting House

Climate vulnerable countries, such as small island states, have long argued that a “loss and damage” compensation fund is necessary to help them rebuild after climate disasters, and that rich countries (who have contributed the most to global warming) should pay for it.

Find out more about “loss and damage” by watching this short film:



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