Make the Climate and Ecological Emergency debate happen!

Help organise a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill debate in your area on 26 March!

Green Christian thinks that the CEE Bill is the legislative answer to the climate and ecological emergency. We think it tells the truth about the scientific and moral requirement for our country to act, as well as what taking this responsibility would look like.

The latest action to support the CEE Bill is to run local online events to debate it.

The second reading of the Bill in Parliament will now take place on Friday, 26 March. (This has been put back from 12 March due a change in the parliamentary calendar.) In theory, this is an opportunity for parliamentarians to debate the content of the Bill before it is taken through to the next stage. But in practice, the debate is unlikely to happen. This is because the CEE Bill is a private member’s bill that will not be prioritised in the order of the day. So to mark the date, the CEE Bill campaign is planning a mass online event with simultaneous local debates between constituents and their MPs about the Bill up and down the country. If the debate isn’t happening at Westminster, let’s take it outside!

Please start thinking about how you and your church could get together with people in your area to hold these debates. We’ll be sharing more information and resources shortly. As well as raising the profile of the campaign and putting pressure on MPs, this will also be an opportunity to reach out to local organisations and to build your constituency CEE Bill campaigns.


Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 12 January, 2021 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 0

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