Melting Frozen Jewels – hymn

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Tune Metre: 7676 D: Ewing, Hatherop Castle, Aurelia, Crüger etc.

God’s bountiful creation,
our hearts with wonder fill,
held now in contemplation
with mind and body still.
Diversity of creatures,
varieties of plants
for our delight displayed here
that we may be entranced.

Among the host of creatures
just who am I but one?
Yet you and I together
the world have overrun.
We’ve stained its glorious beauty,
good habitats are lost,
exploited or polluted
at devastating cost.

Our planet’s overheating
through burning fossil fuels;
all round the seas are rising
from melting frozen jewels.
Where will the plants and creatures
find refuge to survive?
Without their diverse presence
have we the will to thrive?

It’s not too late God shows us,
and science also tells,
to change our ways of living
pollutants to dispel.
Jesus, in mercy lead us
consumers of excess
from fouling our surroundings
to making do with less.

Earth, air and seas defiled,
God calls us to restore
for future generations
to wonder at once more.
Diversity of creatures,
varieties of plants
for their delight renewed there
that they may be entranced.

Words: Lisle Ryder 2019

This song remains the copyright of the author. The author has given permission for the words to to be photocopied or used  in individual services and classrooms, provided she is credited. (and preferable credit this website too  )
She would be pleased to hear where it is being used . Email Lisle Ryder

One comment on “Melting Frozen Jewels – hymn
  1. Pauline Wilson says:

    Wonderful poem. Really spoke to my heart.

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