New Year 2018 Resolutions

The end of the year is a nice comfortable time – One can stay inside in the warm  and imagine all the new resolutions that can be made on 1 Jan… even if most of them are abandoned by Jan 11th.  … What resolutions will you make?

Is there anything you have learned in 2017 that you would like to pass on to others? Write it in the comments section at the end of this post.

I print below- near the bottom – the suggestions I made on previous years

And in the rows above them:- the suggestions you sent in at the beginning of 2017/end of 2016:

New suggestions:-

1. Buy British wool products and leather 2.  Insulate yourself!  Trawl second hand shops for big fluffy jumpers and fleecy blankets  3.We can appreciate wildlife more by not having a pet but by allowing and creating habitats in the garden 4. 5. 
6.   7.  8.  9.  10.

Old suggestions  to try again this year and see how many days you can keep going

11. Get Fit and avoid obesity 12. Singing 13. Develop your Speaking skills 14. Develop your Listening skills : RASA 15. Save Wildlife – Get your church involved. URGENT
16.  Master the magic of  Mosses,  Moths, Mammals and more .. marvels of nature 17. Take Old People on Nature Trips 18. Count your blessings! 19. Campaign 20. Go more vegan


21. Become more (dis)ability aware / inclusive  22. Get GC free News email 23. Get GC Prayer Diary free 24. Set up a CG group 25. Prioritise
26. Donate to the rainforest project 27. Promote your event 28. Display GC leaflets 29. Join GC 30. Organise a LOAF meal

Would you like to form new habits?   A Useful website to visit is: Coach-me – download the habit tracker ap
  -. You decided what you want to do every day (e.g. exercise,  have 7  hours sleep,  improve prayer life,  smile,) and everyday you log in and say that you have done it. You can make up your own resolutions.



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Comments on "New Year 2018 Resolutions"

Sue Parfitt:

January 6, 2018

My suggestion for 2018 is to get a milkman! This reduces your plastic waste by about half with no trouble at all. The milk delivered will be a bit more expensive, but if you can afford to do this, consider the extra as a donation to environmental causes.


January 3, 2018

I want to re-check just how much I really need in savings and put any surplus into gifts to charities concerned with environment, sustainability and peace-building. I prefer to start close to the bottom of the food chain so insects and amphibians will take priority. Then I will look at all aspects of savings, investments and banking that I still feel I need and double-check that they are environmentally positive and ethical. I will also look at my stock of garden chemicals and safely dispose of any that are harmful or not necessary. These are 2 new things I will be doing in 2018.

Gordon Wratten:

December 30, 2017

Dear Green Christian, Your suggestions are good but not sufficiently extensive. Here are a few more : - 1. Buy nothing new for a year except of course consumables such as food - it has been done! 2. Walk everywhere under one mile. 3. Use e mail instead of paper. 4. Turn the heating off except in very cold weather. 5. Do not use any social media as it is corroding. etc.etc.

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