Report: Green Christian On the Road in Bristol

We had an action packed day on Saturday in Bristol, trying to give participants a really good flavour of what Green Christian has to offer. Fifty-six people attended, on a hugely wet, chilly and blowy day.

We started with an inspiring address from our guest speaker, Revd Canon Professor Martin Gainsborough, who is Canon Theologian at Bristol Cathedral, the Diocesan Environmental Officer, and Professor of Development Politics at Bristol University. This was followed by:

  • a session discussing the Green Christian Way of Life, led by George Dow and Deborah Tomkins;
  • a delicious shared lunch;
  • a witty and profound sketch about money, ethics and faith, using the actual words of Pope Francis and Martin Luther, who are in opposition to Big Money (this 10-minute play was developed by Christian Climate Action, and can be found on their website), directed by Ruth Jarman;
  • worship, led by Green Christian members Peter Grimwood, Diana Nefiodaw, and Martin Davis;
  • a session on Joy in Enough, including trialling modules, led by Joy in Enough team Paul Ashford, Niall Briggs, Sue Mallinson and Daphne Tomlinson;
  • concluding remarks including a short question-and-answer session.

And we finished at 4.25pm – five minutes early!

What we have learned from this day is that there is a real desire amongst Christians to engage with the theological reflection about serious issues that Green Christian has spent much time thinking about. Participants are keen to network and meet other like-minded Christians, and go from prayer to meaningful action, both personally and when joined with others.

We had some members and many non-members, invited through friendship, word of mouth, or church notices. Many would like to keep in touch and hear more from Green Christian. We hope to build on this in the near future.




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Jerry Barr:

October 17, 2018

So sorry to have missed it. Sadly it clashed with our Transition Community Orchard apple weekend

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