Notes from The 2nd Interfaith Climate Symposium Feb 2018

Ruth Jarman sends notes after enjoying attending the

The second Interfaith Climate Symposium – From Local to Global: how can we celebrate and harness local action to tackle climate change? was held   5 – 9pm at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue,  28 St John’s Wood Road, London NW8 7HA

Rabbi Alexandra Wright opened the evening saying that in Genesis, the word for human is Adam, and the word for earth is ‘adamah’.  This relationship can be described in English by using the words ‘soul and soil’ or ‘earthlings and earth’ and will remind us of our connection with the earth.

Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston, said that the Church of England ‘has some very fine examples’ of people addressing climate change, but asked whether ‘it has really got into the bloodstream of the C of E so that it affects everything that we do? We have a lot of work to do.’  When he co-chaired that Christian-Muslim forum, he learned that ‘the best way of doing interfaith engagement is to find a common concern and to work on it.’


Lord Deben spoke passionately about the Pope’s encyclical, Laudate Si. ‘What the Pope makes us remember is that climate change is a symptom – not something out there, but a symptom of how we live together.’  It makes us ask the question, ’What kind of people do we think we are?’

‘We are not going to win this battle by telling people they all have to be colder and more miserable.  We are privileged to be alive at a point at which we really can change the world and that is perhaps what God demands of us, to join with the creator and become enhancers and not destroyers.  That is our duty and our joy – to make what is local, global and what is global, local.’


Below:  Using info cards at the JIE workshop





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