Order extra 2017 “Storm of Hope” for events

Do you need a bright compact leaflet describing Green Christian’s Activities
for people to take away from events?

Then GC’s “Storm of Hope” – (A4 – four sides)  is what you need.

Storm of Hope 2016

Last year’s Green Christian brochure – Order the 2017 version now. – due out at the end of February

Here is a picture of last year’s leaflet.

Order copies of this coming year’s (2017) leaflet before 1 Feb and we will send packs to you now  free (though donations welcome)

(For a much briefer leaflet (triptych) that you can printout yourself NOW try GC’s Resources leaflet)



Green Christian’s 2017 edition of our annual double A4 colour pamphlet “Storm of Hope” will be published  mid February.

It has inspirational articles and a description of Green Christian’s activities.

If you are holding an event this year at your church, or other institution, and would like to order some of these to put out on display, please email secretary@greenchristian.org.uk, including your address, the event  place and the number you require.

All orders must be received by 1st February.

This is free, but we would welcome a donation towards the postage and costs of producing the pamphlets.

See previous years’ Storm of Hope www.greenchristian.org.uk/publications/storm-of-hope

We’d love to get copies into as many church congregations as possible.
Could you hand out a ‘Storm of Hope’ to everyone at your church one Sunday?

20, 50, 100, 200,  no problem.

If you’re not a Green Christian member, still no problem. We’re happy for our friends and supporters to give them away at church, at meetings, at conferences, spring fairs …….

Help us get our message of ecological hope across to Christians around the country.

Last Year’s Storm of Hope 2016 (0.6 megabyte)





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