Our favourite General Election campaigns

As a charity, Green Christian cannot be party political. But we can, and it is our duty, to ask for what is right and good from all political parties.

(See also our favourite campaigns.)

Call for the Climate and Nature Bill

We want the UK to demonstrate genuine climate leadership in taking meaningful action commensurate with the unfolding emergencies.

The Climate and Nature (CAN) Bill commits the Government to doing the UK’s fair share to limit global heating to 1.5 degrees and preserving our ecological landscape. Support for this radical and truth-telling legislation will demonstrate public and political support for radical action.

This general election is our “last best chance” to tackle the climate & nature crisis. Whichever party wins, your next MP needs a powerful mandate to back the CAN Bill in Parliament.

Can you help us show the candidates in your constituency that the Climate & Nature can’t be ignored?

When you have done this, magnify your impact by:

Zero Hour have put together a brilliant campaigners’ pack with all you need to get your community involved in pushing for the CAN Bill this election year. It has a suggested questions for hustings, ideas for ‘climate chats’ with prospective candidates, and much more.

Chris Packham on why support the campaign – two minutes
Campaign launch video – one hour

Communities’ Letter to Party Leaders

The Climate Coalition, of which we are a member, has organised an open letter for everyone to sign.

As we head into an election year, we need to show all politicians, political parties and candidates that people up and down the country support urgent action to address the climate and nature crises.

We’re asking local groups and organisations all over the country to sign up to this letter. Each group that signs up represents people organising and acting for positive change in their own communities.

Add your community’s voice to this letter to party leaders, and help us demonstrate the breadth and depth of the public mandate for action.

The key is for this not to be a bunch of the usual green groups. Your first stop is obviously your church. But do you also have any connections with your local Mothers’ Union, a sewing group, a choir. The group least likely to be seen as an environmental group will make the most difference and be most appreciated.

Pledge to be a Climate Voter

A general election is coming. This could be our last chance this decade to secure lower bills, warmer homes and a safe, liveable planet.

By pledging to be a Climate Voter, you’ll help show your local candidates that to get your vote, they need to step up for our future.

UK leaders: Support the global exit plan from fossil fuels

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty is a global plan to bring a fast and fair end to the era of coal, oil and gas. 

This transformative global exit plan is being championed by climate-vulnerable countries in the global south. Now we need to get big polluting states like the UK on board.

Can you write to UK party leaders and ask them to endorse the Fossil Fuel Treaty – and put it in their manifestos for the election?

Nature 2030 Campaign

Join us in demanding action not words for nature’s recovery by 2030.

Green Christian is one of more than 100 charities and celebrities like Steve Backshall and Chris Packham in demanding a  at the next election. Through the Nature 2030 campaign, we’re calling on all political parties to adopt five landmark policies for nature’s recovery ahead of the next General Election.

Local Intelligence Hub

Not a campaign as such, but a really useful resource to back up all your campaigning, The Climate Coalition has created a brand new free library of live data about local MPs, political candidates, and constituencies. Do take a look and use it in your pre-election communication with your candidates:



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