Our God Flies – new hymn

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Tune: Hyfrydol      Words usually sung to this tune: Alleluya, sing to Jesus

Our God who lives, flows in waters,
tumbles in rivers, and drifts in snows,
flashes as silver from shoals of fish,
darts in darkness round rugged rocks,
blooms afresh as showers bring flowers
with fresh aromas for bugs and bees.
With all the creatures we are one,
at one with God in wonder held.

Our God who lives, moves with breezes,
flies in the skies, and travels afar
with migratory birds on the wing –
swallows and swifts, butterflies too;
floats with owls over the meadows,
dives with gannets into the surf.
With all on the wing we are one,
at one in God who launches all.

Our God who lives, watches alert,
protects the newborn in the nest,
keeping them warm with down or fur,
crouches and pounces on the hunt,
scuttles or burrows seeking refuge –
for fox and mouse, God lives in each.
With all on the ground we are one,
at one with God in pain or joy.

Our God dies, entombed with Jesus,
hides in the earth, then breathes upon us
autumn scents from leaves that decay,
springtime aromas gifting new life.
Grubs and worms turning the soil over;
nothing is wasted, all is renewed.
As all creatures we are mortal,
at one in Christ we die and live.

God lives anew, thrives in the soil,
swells in oceans, stirs in the wind,
croaks among us in courting frogs,
calls to us in the curlew’s song,
shines from corals caught in the light,
rests in the shade of leaves above.
With all the creatures we are one,
at one with God to tend and care.

God’s Spirit moving, brings us change,
ever leading, always ahead.
Come let us find what wisdom shows,
lightly treading among what is spread,
gazing in wonder and delight,
serving and sharing gifts for life.
Our God who raises Christ as king
uplifts us all to praise and sing.

Words: Lisle Ryder, written in 2019
This song remains the copyright of the author. The author has given permission for the words to to be photocopied or used  in individual services and classrooms, provided both are credited.  www.greenchristian.org.uk  She would be pleased to hear where it is being used . Email Lisle-Ryder



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