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Cat Turner, who works on our Joy in Enough project, listens to podcasts while walking. The majority of these below are recommended by her.

Do let us know about other podcasts you like in the comments at the end of this post!

Green and Christian

Child Wise

Green Christian’s former Chaplain, and magazine editor, Chris Walton has recorded a series of podcasts for Child Wise. For many years Chris was Director of Ringsfield Eco-Activity Centre in Suffolk.

The Natural Philosopher

The Australian Dr Mick Pope talks about science, the environment, and the Christian faith.

Green ones

39 ways to save the planet

BBC Radio Four, in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society, presents 39 ideas to relieve the stress that climate change is exerting on the planet.

reward item

From what is to what next?

Rob Hopkins – founder of the Transition Movement – interviews various people in the sustainability field and invites them to imagine a future where various impacts on the sustainability of our lifestyles have played out.

The Transition Podcast

Also by Rob Hopkins, a monthly look at how 3 different expressions of the Transition (post-peak oil, sustainability and resilience) movement are faring around the world.

Deep Adaptation

Interviews with Jem Bendell, founder of the DA movement, and others. Deep Adaptation is described as being ‘post-sustainability’. It accepts the increasing scientific consensus that humankind will fail to avert ecological (and therefore societal) collapse, and seeks to find loving and compassionate responses to our predicament. Though secular, I find a lot that feels Christlike in the way DA people seek to behave (I help run an Interfaith group within DA, and I’m on its editorial team).

Making waves

Full disclosure – two mates of mine, Aaron and Rowan, interview people active in marine sustainability. One of the most recent (and possibly their last) is with Paul Rose, legendary marine explorer who’s spearheaded many initiatives to protect swathes of the sea

Future Perfect

Future Perfect

Dylan Matthews debates issues such as ‘should I have kids if I’m worried about climate change?’

Outrage + Optimism

Former UN head Christina Figueres and the people who worked on the Paris climate agreement talk to people in politics and industry and discuss initiatives to solve the crisis.


One of two Charles Eisenstein podcasts I listen to. Short (and occasionally long) excerpts from his talks, books etc on money, gift, economy, ecology, earth healing etc..

A new and ancient story

Charles Eisenstein again, the series is described as being about the new and ancient story of ‘interbeing’ – essentially our interconnectedness (or lack of it) with one another, with ecology, and more.

People Fixing the World

A BBC podcast which covers non-green issues too, but often focuses on sustainability. ‘Brilliant solutions’ to the world’s problems – and whether they’re working. Episodes include desert greening, regrowing the rainforest.

Sustainababble podcast

Full disclosure, run by a pal of mine. Describes itself as ‘comedy, nature, climate change’. Informative and pleasant if you enjoy listening to slightly smart-arse, but green minded chaps having some banter – which I do.

The Sustainability Agenda

Weekly podcast with ‘leading sustainability thinkers’ – generally really informative

Inner Green Deal

Interviews with leaders on the front-line of climate action: what scares them, what inspires them? A focus on personal growth in this area.


The Church Times podcast

The latest world and Christian news discussed through interviews with theologians, thinkers, poets and ordinary people.

Disruptive Dialogues on the future of Religion

De Heidi Campbell and Troy Shepherd look at religion in today’s world – the impact of digital media, and COVID, have featured strongly but other influences are also touched on.

Talking Theology Podcast Artwork Image

Talking Theology

Cranmer Hall’s podcast – looks to join the dots between theology, church and the world. Philip Plyming interviews various thinkers.

POGOS – The Logos Institute Podcast

From St Andrews U, lots of conversations about theology, biblical studies, philosophy. A bit academic but hey ho.

Lectio 365

The 24-7 Prayer movement’s app and podcast – 10 minutes of Lectio Divina and reflection every day, never wasted time – often just what my heart needs to hear.

The C.S.Lewis podcast

Professor Alister McGrath is interviewed on the life and writings of CSL.  Sometimes I think we don’t really need any new theologians, CSL did it all so well. (Kidding, but only just!)


Jewish and Christian semiotics on contemporary issues.  Debates between two academics of each faith.


Interviews with people from different parts of the church – and in some cases for those who have had poor experiences with ‘church’ but want to explore their faith further with this engaging digital community

Mid-Faith Crisis

From the blurb: If you feel that you have more questions than answers, if you feel as though your faith is changing, if you feel that if the worship leader sings that chorus one more time you will strangle him with his own guitar strap, then this is the podcast for you. Challenging, refreshing and thought-provoking, the Mid-faith Crisis explores the big questions of the Christian faith with honesty and humour. Warning. Contains traces of theology and occasional innuendo.



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Tony Shepherd:

July 20, 2021

Love these...all look relevant and worth while...need radical solutions? - so here's hoping. Just need a bit more time to do them justice. Thanks Cat

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