Pope Benedict XVI’s eco-legacy

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If you want peace, protect creation

March 4, 2013  –  by Jose Ignacio Garcia, SJ

The legacy for which Pope Benedict XVI will be remembered will undoubtedly include his attentiveness to ecological and environmental problems.  So far it had been a minor issue in the teaching of the Catholic Church but under Benedict XVI, it has become a central issue owing to his moral and theological reflection on the topic.

In fact, Pope Benedict’s initiatives extend beyond his writings: the Vatican State is neutral in CO2emissions, with the 1,000 inhabitants of the small Vatican State, which has an area of a square mile, managing to neutralise their CO2 emissions by planting a forest in Hungary and by installing solar panels on the Paul VI Hall, the venue of the audiences with the Pope.  In a sense, the Pope aimed to achieve an end for which we all strive in ecology: to achieve parity between our speech and our actions, however big or small they may be.

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