Prayer and fast for the climate

‘Pray and fast for the climate’

 Here some info on an exciting new initiative just about to kick off and the launch service on 1st Nov in London (but other services will replicate this around the country). Rev Steve Chalke is speaking at the London service. Please edit at will (the newsletter article is for anyone to adapt and use in their church newsletter etc). A flyer is just being finalised and the website will go live mid Sept

‘Pray and fast for the climate’ is an initiative to mobilise Christians of all denominations to fast and pray on the 1st of every month for a meaningful and just climate agreement We hope this will be agreed in December 2015 at the Paris climate summit.

Typhoon Haiyan brought devastation to the Philippines just as the climate negotiations were beginning in Warsaw in November 2013. Filipino delegate Yeb Saño, despairing both at the devastation of his country and the slow progress made by world leaders in reaching any kind of progress towards a new agreement on tacking climate change, announced he would fast either until the end of the two week conference or until real progress was made. He has continued to fast on the first of every month, joined by people from all around the world. ‘Pray and fast for the climate’ is an exciting initiative for Christians that builds on Yeb’s commitment.

In Micah 4:1-4 and Isaiah 2:2-3 we read of a similar vision given to both prophets independently, of the holy city raised up on a mountain side, visible from far away, shining with the glory of God and the light and hope of Christ (Isaiah 60:1-3) People stream towards it from all nations. Our desire is for God’s kingdom to be raised up in our world and for our prayers around the world to join, to grow and to build a platform upon which the right decisions will be made by politicians, leaders and negotiators to allow your people to hope, to live, to dream (Acts 2:17-21) and to shape a greener world (Rev 21:1-4).

We doubt if there has ever been a more crucial time for us to pray together for progress in climate negotiations. Time is running out for practical and binding steps to be made to reduce emissions and prevent run-away climate change. And we owe it to God, who created the world we depend on, told us to steward it and told us to love our neighbours. Our prayers, and fasting will build a powerful platform for change, and strengthen us as we campaign and inspire others

This initiative is being launched on Saturday 1st November 2014 with services (to date) in London, Brighton, Coventry and Oxford (other venues are very likely to be added).

People may choose to fast and pray for the whole day, to fast during their lunch break, or to pray with their home group in the evening. The hope is for this prayer movement to spread far and wide. Venues are being established all around the UK and within Europe. Check out our website to either find your nearest venue or add a new one.

Each time of prayer can be supported, if required by using our resources; simple worship to begin and end the time of prayer, reflective prayers, stories and topical monthly prayers regarding key meetings and negotiations. From the outset this is a jointly owned initiative and all those participating are invited to share their stories, pictures, prayers and resources.

Xxxxx add here local info as relevant  (To go live mid September)


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Article written by Isabel Carter



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