Prayers about Brexit

brexit poster greenbeltAt the Annual Members Meeting on 5 November 2016 we will be having a workshop on Brexit.

At Greenbelt August 2016, Green Christian had a stall. We had a poster “Pray with us for Brexit Britain “ and invited people to put prayers on a tree.

Here are the prayers.

  1. That we pray with all Europeans to moderate Climate Change
  2. That they all might be one in the Lord’s Time and in his way, in the Trinity’s name . Amen
  3. We pray for fair treatment for migrants and refugees pre and post Brexit
  4. That our government honours its climate commitment
  5. That Brexit never actually happens.  R.
  6. Amen to that    D.
  7. That all people’s human rights are protected, no matter the origin. Environment protected
  8. We haven’t left the EU yet – hopefully we never will.
  9. That politicians will pull together and deliver a solid Brexit solution with free trade and ..
  10. That we continue to build strong faith based connections across Europe.
  11. We pray for all young people and for the science and health communities that they continue to work together for the good of the world.
  12. Let us pray that we may all know that we all have more in common than our differences. Amen
  13. We are only leaving the EU. Help us to remain Europeans and Members of the human race worldwide. Help us to remember that we do not have to ignore that which is worthwhile in the EU.
  14. That the Bundestag votes to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  15. That we do not let lapse the gains our membership pre-Brexit made for protecting beaches and environment
  16. That the rights of all humans and our earth can be protected even more, NOT less.
  17. That fear will not displace hope, suspicion not displace trust and love.

Judith Allinson the organiser, and nine members and friends of Green Christian ran the Green Christian Stall at Greenbelt  -Friday evening to Monday Evening. The posters were  organised by Paul Bodenham and printed by Indexprint.  See More of Greenbelt

Thank you to all who visited the stall.


Above: the tree, now with leaves on it.




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