1 Sept: Day of Prayer for Creation, and 1 Sept-4 Oct: Creation Time

Visit the new website SeasonOfCreation.org

This year The Anglican Environmental network , WCC and the Global catholic Climate Coalition are combining efforts to promote Season of Creation/Time for Creation  1 Sept-4 Oct. At this website there are

  • videos from Pope Francis, the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew, and Archbishop Tutu
  • resources including inerfaith resources
  • a map where you can add your event

The period 1 Sept- 4 Oct is treated as Creation Time by many churches. Last year the Pope encouraged 1st September to be used as  the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation


Here are some resources.
From this website: There are several Creation Time themes prepared by Keith Innes

On other websites: Set of 5 Reflections in Creation – readings, prayers, case studies and questions for five discussion/ reflection/ house-group type evening of 1 hour (min) – based on the lectionary readings for these weeks. Praying with the Gospels, case studies & Laudato Si’

Service material fo Vigil for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation – 1 Sept – CAFOD – See more about World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Material for Creation Time 2016 produced in Switzerland in German and French languages can be downloaded in http://oeku.ch/de/index.php

Material for four Sundays in Creation time, based on the Common Lectionary Readings  prepared by EcoCongregation Scotland.

Creation Time 2016

Support material for worship leaders will follow the theme, Followers of Jesus, Caring for Creation. These provide a combination of reflections on scripture passages, sermon ideas, prayers and hymn choices. This year we emphasise the Gospel readings for September weeks in the Revised Common Lectionary. (Three years ago we emphasised the readings from Jeremiah.)


If you wish to link directly to each week’s material on your own web site we ask that you use these links, exactly as printed, so we can track usage more easily:

Week one – Sept 4th – Careful Planning Priorities (Luke 14: 25-33 – the cost of following Jesus,  as though preparing for a military campaign)
PDF: http://gh.cm/295tO83
WEB: http://gh.cm/297Q7e2

Week two – Sept 11th –  Careful to Keep on the Right Track (Luke 15: 1-10  sheep, coins, and how do we acknowledge when we are others are not caring for creation and how do we get back on track?)
PDF: http://gh.cm/29eWQa4
WEB: http://gh.cm/296nzmA

Week three – Sept 18th – Caring Locally, Caring Globally (Luke 16: 1-13 – at the conclusion of a strange, parable Jesus comments that those trustworthy in small matters prove trustworthy in large matters. How does our local action (or lack of it) impact on our approach to global issues)
PDF: http://gh.cm/294JGva
WEB: http://gh.cm/2979LuW

Week four – Sept 25 – Caring for All Creation (Luke 16: 19-31 – Jesus’ parable challenges the prevailing view that God blesses the rich and powerful. How far can we take this in the direction of caring for the vulnerable other-than-human member/elements of the community of creation?)
PDF: http://gh.cm/29a1ns1
WEB: http://gh.cm/29cSkY4







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