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What’s in a name ? Christian Ecology Link (CEL), a network of Christians who care about the environment, decided they needed a website name that doesn’t leave people tongue-tied, and makes the purpose of the organisation more clear.


CEL already call their regular magazine “Green Christian”, which makes a lot of sense, since it neatly sums up the aims and character of the membership; and so it was only a matter of time before other communications channels took the same branding. CEL’s Information Officer, Jo Abbess, remarking on the new website address said, “Well, it spells out that we’re Christian, and we’re green. Says it all, really.”


CEL have been Tweeting as @GreenChristian_ for over a month, and now are launching a new look WordPress website of the same name. As of today, goes live, and will have a range of new authors joining the Web Editors in capturing what green Christians are doing in Great Britain, and beyond.


There’s a handy “What’s On” page, listing all known green activities that Christians may find useful to be involved with, a set of articles about faith and environment, a wide variety of downloads with useful information about CEL projects and topics of interest, and even a recipes section designed to accompany the LOAF project – CEL’s food programme – asking people to take action for nourishment that is as Locally sourced as possible, Organically produced, Animal-friendly and Fairly traded.


For those who want to dive into the theological aspects of God’s Creation, there is an extensive range of resources for faith, prayer and action. In the Faith section on the new website, a monthly prayer diary provides daily signposts for meditation and prayer. Green pointers for preachers give ideas for sermons every Sunday from the readings used in the three year lectionary, and all the resources needed to run an ecocell study programme with a local group are available – helping concerned Christians to put into action key learning on how to reduce our impact on the environment.


Comments are welcome at the new website – and will be sensitively moderated. The Green Christian website is intended to be open to dialogue and enquiry, and hopes to conduct online discussions that spark useful contributions to making God’s world a healthier, more sustainable place.




Contact Jo by email on : or telephone : 0845 45 98 460


For contributions to the “What’s On” page : we are keen to hear of information on Christian environmental talks, conferences, LOAF meals and festivals of nature, large and small.



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