Press Release: Green Christian meet on Extinction Rebellion Day

(See also:  post written on 21 Nov:  Green Christian AMM report, Bishop David Atkinson and Extinction Rebellion)

9th November 2018

Green Christian are happy that the new protest group Extinction Rebellion have chosen the same day as the Green Christian Annual Members Meeting, Saturday 17 November, to hold a second London protest.

Members of Green Christian will be gathering at St Andrew’s Church, Waterloo, London, with Bishop David Atkinson, a writer on the recent upsurge in ecological anxiety. At the same time hundreds, potentially thousands, of protestors will be assembling (around Parliament,-this location may have changed since 9th) just across the River Thames, for an act of mass civil disobedience, to highlight the urgent nature of our ecological crisis.

Paul Bodenham, chair of Green Christian said:

“Many members of Green Christian feel solidarity with the protestors who will be gathering in Parliament Square.  The world is becoming an anxious place because government is failing in its duty to protect the people and the planet. Scientists are telling us that current policy commitments are falling catastrophically short.  As history shows, some paradigms can shift only when people break the law. We will be praying for the event – for the protestors and the authorities – that it remains peaceful and achieves its aims.”

Bishop Atkinson’s talk will be based on his powerful new book Hope Rediscovered – Biblical Wisdom for an Anxious World.  Members of Green Christian and others who attend will  explore how best to bear witness to government, and the ideal of restraint and sacrifice when the world around us is continually promoting consumerism.

News reports about how rapidly we could see our climate breaking down and mass extinctions ensuing can engender a feeling of despair. Bishop Atkinson will use passages from the bible, and wisdom he has gained through his life as a scientist and theologian, to help those attending hold on to hope in the light of what appears to be an impending ecological catastrophe.

Bishop Atkinson, who had a background in science before being ordained, writes with depth about practical wisdom. He has taught theology in Oxford, lectured in the USA and India and has written books on Christian Ethics.

The meeting on 17 November at St Andrews Church Hall, Short Street, London, SE1 8LJ, will begin with a bring-and-share lunch at 1pm followed by the members’ meeting, and Bishop Atkinson’s talk will start at 2:45. Anyone wishing to attend should sign up at

Contact: Paul Bodenham 07470 907656



1. Green Christian was formed in 1981 to share green insights with Christians, and Christian insights with the green movement. The charity produces resources, campaigns and events to help people relate environmental issues with their faith, and integrate environmental action into their mission.

2. David Atkinson’s book, Hope Rediscovered: – Biblical Wisdom for an Anxious World is published by Ekklesia ISBN 9 780993 294211 (Price £12.99) 31 May 2018

3. Extinction Rebellion is an international movement using mass civil disobedience to force governments to enter WWII-level mobilisation mode, in response to climate breakdown and ecological crisis. It is organised by the group “Rising Up”.

(See also:  post written on 21 Nov:  Green Christian AMM report, Bishop David Atkinson and Extinction Rebellion)



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Paul Young:

November 21, 2018

I took part in the Extinction Rebellion event on the bridges along with other Christians present as a group or individually. Many Christians are unable to take part in such events but could support through prayer, perhaps as groups. Prayer is as important, possibly more important, than action. It would be good to also see and know that Christians are united in prayer in support.

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